Future Prospects

In recent years the markets have undergone a phenomenal change where materialism rules over the ethical consideration. Everybody tries to reap immediate advantage turning a Nelson’s eye to their own obligations. This has resulted in collapse of many businesses aiming only at ambition to a gain and acquire without consolidating on sound principles.

Machinograph is well aware of such pitfalls and follows a careful and regulated credit policy on its business, following ” Prudence over Proliferation”. This policy has met with the approval of the genuine customers and Machinograph is getting good response in consolidating itself and developing sound business with growth.

  1. The company plans to expand capacity in its existing plants
  2. The company plans to establish plants in Gujarat in the coming years
  3. The company plans to introduce packaging for more specialized application in the same size range based on specific used requirements.
  4. The company is ready to embrace any new technology, power saving systems environment friendly process.

Machinograph’s Motto is ” We can do it better…… With ” Quality & Skill” “Economy & Punctuality ” ” Growth is now viewed by Machinograph as backward & forward integration ”

Thus Machinograph will grow within its own talent to service the Plastic drum packaging industry to the utmost and better its prospects year by year.