About Us

The group was founded by Late Shri Ravi Prakash Agrawal. Since then the Agrawal family members have been at its helm for over 25 yrs. They provided Machinograph with a background and a long experience in industry spanning 50 years with foresight, vision and successful track record.Each group Company clocking a top line of over 50 crores.

Group Companies

Each group Company clocking a top line of over 50 crores

Machinograph Polycontainers
India Pvt Ltd

Machinograph Company

Mariraj Plastics

Balaji Enterprises

Mahalaxmi Corporation

The promoters and Team Machinograph  have together with professional experience in technology and management brought Machinograph to its present position . They provided a composite management team with sobriety, experience, foresight, energy, maturity and acumen for handling all aspects of the business.The management is adequately backed by young cadre of professionals, executors, technicians and a dynamic workforce. The entire organization works in a closely knit and harmonious manner.

Future Prospects

Machinograph has plans to expand to new locations as well as add capacity in existing location . They have a good land Bank in the existing facilities to aid the same. The company will grow with its existing client base and add new clients along the way.