About Machinograph

The Machinograph Group of Companies referred here as ” Machinograph “, is in the business of manufacture of plastic drums of HM / HDPE from 20 ltrs to 250 ltrs.

Machinograph Philosophy

  • Machinograph first started a plant in Tarapur( MIDC) in 1990, for the manufacture of HM HDPE carboys & drums from 20 litres to 150 litres capacity of different designs & sizes as displayed on this website.
  • The Machinograph Group of Companies is crossing sales in excess of 100 crores and is progressing to higher toplines with each passing year.
  • After introduction of a number of products in 2008 a second plant was established in Tarapur (MIDC) for catering to the ever growing customer demand with the latest technology for 200 to 250 Ltrs.
  • In 2017 due to the increased demand & acceptance of the companies product a larger facility is been implemented in Murbad MIDC which will be commissioned by September 2017
  • Later in 1993 a plant was established at Murbad( MIDC) for narrow mouth & open mouth 210 and 235 litres HM HDPE drums. This step was taken by Machinograph in the interest of the customers to meet their packaging needs in the most economical and service oriented manner.

” Machinograph ” has blossomed into a multi product and multi location Company in a short span of 25 years.

  • Injection molding Division for Caps and Closures required for the drums made by the company.
  • Logistic Division Owning its own fleet of vehicles for dedicated transportation of the companies end products.

The Machinograph philosophy is a progressive, innovative, self-reliant, low cost, service oriented, clean and quality conscious outlook.

In all the activities, purchase, sale, personal development, cleanliness, quality and service the Machinograph relies on its basic philosophy to make improvements based on experience. Importance is given to healthy personal relations in all spheres without compromising on integrity and giving due consideration to the perennial values of commerce and life as such. The Machinograph has chosen the path of imbibing the values of the deep rooted Indian philosophy and culture with a modern and scientific outlook with total faith confidence and optimism.

The ” Machinograph ” ‘Guru Mantra’ is healthy relations with integrity and consideration. This has yielded growth, reliability and performance.

Future Prospects

In recent years the markets have undergone a phenomenal change where materialism rules over the ethical consideration. Everybody tries to reap immediate advantage turning a Nelson’s eye to their own obligations. This has resulted in collapse of many businesses aiming only at ambition to a gain and acquire without consolidating on sound principles.


Machinograph is well aware of such pitfalls and follows a careful and regulated credit policy on its business, following ” Prudence over Proliferation”. This policy has met with the approval of the genuine customers and Machinograph is getting good response in consolidating itself and developing sound business with growth.

  • The company plans to expand capacity in its existing plants
  • The company plans to establish plants in Gujarat in the coming years
  • The company plans to introduce packaging for more specialized application in the same size range based on specific used requirements.
  • The company is ready to embrace any new technology, power saving systems environment friendly process.


Machinograph’s Motto is ” We can do it better…… With ” Quality & Skill” “Economy & Punctuality ” ” Growth is now viewed by Machinograph as backward & forward integration ”

Thus Machinograph will grow within its own talent to service the Plastic drum packaging industry to the utmost and better its prospects year by year.

Director Message

I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to each one of you to the Machinograph group of companies. As we embark on this journey together, I would to share our vision and values that will guide us in our Pursuit of Excellence.

Machinograph Timeline


Established 1st Plant in Tarapur for products upto 100 ltrs


Established 2nd Plant in Murbad for products upto 250 ltrs


Established Logistic division with its own fleet of vehicles for transportation  of end product


Expand Capacity of  Tarapurt Plant


Established injection moulding facility for inhouse requirements of caps and handles


Established 2nd Plant in Tarapur for Drums upto 250 ltrs


Established in house facilities in a third  Plant at Tarapur to Pursue 0 Wastage


Established Second Plant in Murbad for Production of 200 ltrs Drums


Established solar plant for Renewal Energy


Expanded Production Capacity of Murbad Plants


Purchased Land and Built greenfield Facility for Drums production in Bharuch


Commenced Commercial Production in Bharuch


Plan to expand 200 ltrs drum production Capacity of Bharuch Plant