People behind Machinograph

The group was founded by Shri Ravi Prakash Agrawal. Since then the Agrawal family members have been at its helm for the last 25 yrs. They provided Machinograph with a background and a long experience in industry spanning 50 years with foresight, vision and successful track record.

The promoters by hardwork and wide professional experience in technology and management have brought up Machinograph to its present stage.

They provided a composite management team with sobriety, experience, foresight, energy, maturity and acumen for handling all aspects of the business.

The management is adequately backed by young cadre of professionals, executors, technicians and a dynamic workforce. The entire organization works in a closely knit and harmonious manner.

Team work, Goodwill and welfare

At each plant there is a young group of engineers who look after the plant operations with an eagle’s eye churning out drums round the clock maintaining the quality, productivity along with efficient maintenance of the plant.

The Company provides all facilities, conveniences and looks after the welfare of its employees to enable them to render the best service to its numerous customers all over the country to meet their specific needs and schedules.

Our slogan ” The Customer is King ” helps us give all attention and value to our customers. Machinograph products are well known throughout the country and the clients lists consists of who is who in their respective fields and the name Machinograph is synonymous with plastic drum packaging in India.

Stocks of various sizes and types of plastic drums are maintained to give instant service when required.